Video Production / Graphic Design

DriveStrike is an enterprise security application for managing computers and mobile devices remotely. 

I've delivered 20 instructional videos and one promo video for DriveStrike since 2020.

While videos are my primary deliverables, the development of conceptual artwork and motion graphics is a key part of my work.

Instructional videos

(1) For the production of these "how-to" videos, I rely on rough screen recordings and general explanations of each process (6–8 minutes of reference footage).

(2) Based on the quality of said recordings, I either polish the video or entirely recreate screens for the best possible flow and presentation (1–2 minutes of output).

(3) Once I reach an optimal video edit, I write a script with an appropriate voice and rhythm. The dialogue gets recorded and the video is sent for review.

Promo Video

(1) This project started with two storyboards, each presenting different visual ideas and copy suggestions for approval. This step was crucial to estimate time and cost of production.

(2) I created the final video in Adobe After Effects (due to its advanced motion and compositing controls) and supplemented my production with Adobe Illustrator for vector graphics.